PANDHY'S SkinRenew Coffein Massage Sugar (650 g)


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PANDHY'S™ SkinRenew Caffeine massage sugar contains a large amount of caffeine (2%). The fat decomposing effect of caffeine is a long-known fact, problem is only caused by the how-to of the delivery of caffeine to the fat cells.  PANDHY'S™ massage sugar, which is nothing other than a pure glucose solution, and  is an excellent carrier of caffeine, it penetrates the substance right down to the deep-lying fat tissues.

TIP: apply a sugar hair mask 1-2 times a week to prevent and to treat thin, damaged, oiliness-prone hair and a dandruff scalp: wet your hair and scalp slightly and evenly distribute 2-3 tablespoons (depending on your hair’s length) of massage sugar on your hair and scalp (slightly warmed up sugar makes for easier application),then make a turban using a foil and a dry towel. The action time is 25-30 minutes approx, after it wash and care for your hair like you routinely would with PANDHY’S™SigmaLine HairRenew hair care products.