PANDHY’S Sweet & Easy Sugar Gel Sachet-Pack (6x100 ml/130 g) w. FlexEpil Strips (2 rolls of 7,5x600 cm)


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sweet, ultimate, perfect
Patented, professional depilation technology for everybody and every body; PANDHY’S™ Sweet & Easy™ Depilation Method is quick and simple as using the wax but gentle and skin-friendly as PANDHY’S™ Depilation Hand Technique
and similarly to it, hair – even quite short hair - is removed in the direction of its growth.
Sweet – because it is made of sugar and water, it is entirely hypoallergenic, you may even eat it – it is so natural.
Ultimate – because it is efficient and can be used for any skin or hair type and for hairs of different texture and length.
Perfect – because it is not hot, living skin cells will not stick into it, it does not traumatise the skin and the follicles, it does not break the hairs, it is quick, clean, and not a bit unpleasant.
The secret lies in flexibility: flexible sugar gel and flexible FlexEpil™ Strip to remove the gel. Due to flexibility, extraction is performed in the direction of hair growth and the procedure cause much less discomfort.
The PANDHY’S™ Sweet & Easy™ is available in jar for spatula application and in two sorts of cartridge with special applicator.
It makes available the modern and gentle sugaring hair removal to a much wider circle of practitioners and clients, so there is no more excuse for removing hair against the direction of its growth.
Ingredients (INCI):