PANDHY’S FlexEpil STRIP (2 rolls of 600 x 7.5 cm)


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The new, non-woven, self-adhesive FlexEpil™ strip results a much easier and more convenient removal for the Sweet &Easy™ Strip Technique.

What you will experience using the black strip is easier and more complete removal, more elasticity and less soaking. The sugar gets hardly through on the strip, so one strip lasts much longer than before, and no stickiness.
Great advantage of the strip that it can be torn by hand, so no scissors are needed.
Since we are working with the new strip folded in half, you have to take the double of the requested lengths of the strip.
After tearing it off, put it down flat and fold the strip in half, and smooth it down. Since the strip is self-adhesive, the surfaces will safely fit together. So the strip is ready to work with.