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M'S Beauty Guasha - an ancient technique of instant facial tightening

In the training, we will get acquainted with the ancient, spectacular technique of tightening the face.


Uique effective manual Anti-Aging treatment with water buffalo horn based on the ORIGINAL, ancient, Chinese method!

Dazzle your guests with the new PANDHY'S ™ M's GuaSha skin firming technique based on ancient technology, based on feedback, this is one of the most relaxing, firming massage treatments!

During the treatment, the swelling of the eyes is reduced, the rings are lightened, and the signs of fatigue are minimized. (Hydrates) nourishes and regenerates sensitive skin around the eyes. Vegetable oils rich in antioxidants nourish, hydrate and elasticize the skin.

Spectacular anti-aging treatment and facial reflexology in one that

  • reduces wrinkles,

  • lifts and tightens sagging skin,

  • passively exercises the facial muscles,

  • immediately reduces swelling under the eyes,

  • energizes tired, stressed skin, giving it a healthy “rosy” complexion

Course duration: 1 day - GuaSha general theory, origin, physiological effect, purification, storage, detailed material knowledge, practical demonstration, Step by Step Practice / Experience

Time: from 10:00 to 17:00 on the announced days

Location: 6/322 St. Kilda rd. St. Kilda  Melbourne - PANDHY'S Beauty Academy or in case of regional representation in consultation with the representative. If a minimum of 6 people in a settlement indicates their intention to participate together, the instructors will hold the training on the spot.

Other information:

  • all participants will receive the course manual, salon decoration and promotional material.

  • The course is held for a minimum of 2 people. If it has been paid and the number is not available, our instructors, in consultation with the participant, will look for an individual solution (search for the nearest course date, compensation)

  • Attention! During the massage course, in the form of mutual treatments, you can learn the technique step by step, so in addition to mastering the movements perfectly, you will also be massaged by a colleague! Don't forget your treatment clothes at home!

  • we also invariably offer all courses to our partner who has the opportunity for continuous consultation with the instructor

  • all interested parties have the opportunity to try out our materials and the procedure themselves in their training center free of charge and without any obligation before deciding on the application for the course in Melbourne.

  • At the end of the course, we will issue a diploma to the participants.

  • For the course, please bring a passport photo to our new International Career Program document.

  • Beauticians and beautician students can apply for the course by filling out the form below or writing an e-mail to: info@pandhys.com.au

Course price:

  • For graduate beauticians, professionals:AUD 350 including GST

  • , which includes a starter package:

Starter package contents:

For graduate beauticians:

  • PANDHY'S ™ Gua Sha Water Buffalo Horn (1 pc)

  • PANDHY'S ™ SigmaLine Cure Hair Oil (6ml)

  • PANDHY'S ™ Nutrissima Oil (6ml)

  • PANDHY’S™ Skinrenew Remedy Oil (30 ml)

  • PANDHY'S ™ Rose water (150ml)

  • PANDHY'S ™ SigmaLine Washing Foam (160ml)

  • PANDHY'S ™ COSMIX Sugar Peel-Off Mask- peel-off face mask base

  • (the package includes , 1 PANDHY'S ™ folder and 1 PANDHY'S ™ Catalog USB .)