Massage Sugar (500 g)


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PANDHY'S™ Massage Sugar is a mixture of pure, pharmacopoeia-conform glucose and water.

Sugar massage gently cleans and softens the skin, it is an excellent way of prepping the skin for the cleaning routine. Thanks to the deep penetration of the glucose molecules, we can deliver any kind of active ingredient into the deeper layers of the skin. The massage sugar is an excellent tool for the so-called vacuum and lifting massages, and it's also what we use during the unique PANDHY’S™ Medical-Sugaring treatments.        .
TIP:  for radiant facial skin that is full of vitality, apply a small amount of massage sugar to the wet skin with wet hands, and massage your face with gentle, circular movements. Then „exploiting” the stickiness of the sugar, use your fingertips to carry out a lifting massage around the mouth and the eye area. After completing the ritual, rinse the sugar off with water. After the express sugar-massage any kind of serum, face cream or active ingredient exerts their effect more intensely!


Ingredients: AQUA, GLUCOSE