PANDHY’S Lavender Water (150 ml)


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This versatile herb – known for its properties as the traditional balm for body and soul – is one of the defining tools of beauty care since thousands of years. It's mist soothes and calms the skin, increases its metabolism and evens out sebum production. It has excellent toning properties, and protects the skin from drying out. It soothes the pain of sunburnt skin, and the inflammations caused by pimples. It calms the anxious person, relaxes the mind, and clears the thoughts.


It is worth knowing, that our flower waters are made with water-vapour distillation following the collection of the fresh flowers, in compliance with the strictest international technological regulations. The NON HYDROSOL mark on our products refers to the fact that the products are not made with the reconstitution of volatile oil in water. The NON HYDROLAT mark assures the customer that our flower waters are not byproducts of  distillation, but are made from fresh flowers as primary products, as described earlier.


TIP: always keep a bottle of PANDHY’S™ Flower water with you in the preferred version for your skin type. In case of tiredness and exhaustion spray some water both on your face and décolleté several times during the day– your body and soul will be refreshed! It is especially recommended in high summer temperatures, as the spray prevents the dehydration of facial skin. A great companion during travelling by plane also!