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Achillea millefolium, or yarrow, originates from Europe and has adapted to the regions of North America as well as other moderate regions. The word "Achillea" refers to Achilles, an ancient hero. He said that he used yarrow for himself and for his soldiers. "Millefolium" means "coming of a thousand leaves". This refers to the very small, fine and feathery leaves of this plant.

Yarrow is highly known and widely used in herbal medicines and supplied either externally or internally. The entire plant is used, both dried and fresh and is best when gathered while in flower.

Health Benefits

This herb plant was first used by ancient Greeks over 3,000 years ago for treating external wounds on the skin.

The flowers and leaves of yarrow were eaten and also made into a tea-like drink.

The fresh leaves were used to stop bleeding wounds, treat gastrointestinal problems, fight fevers, lessen menstrual bleeding and better circulation. The fresh leaves were also chewed on to relieve tooth aches. Scientists have credited yarrow for its benefits relating to almost every organ in the body.


Beauty Benefits

Yarrow is a powerful and wonderful anti-inflammatory for skin conditions. Calms and soothes skin irritation.

It makes an excellent face wash, its astringency making particularly beneficial to oily complexions.