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Honeysuckle Tea

Honeysuckle tea, also known as 'Jin Yin Hua' (金银花) is a herb native to China, Japan, and Korea, but now grown all over the world.

The latin term for our honeysuckle specie is  'Lonicera Japonica,' which is the generally consumed in China and applied in traditional Chinese medicine practice.

The honeysuckle is a climbing plant. Some varieties of the honeysuckle are evergreen while others are deciduous. The honeysuckle possesses oval-shaped leaves on the branches. The flowers are tubular in shape and come in either the yellow-orange or yellow-white shade. These flowers produce sweet, edible nectars. Honeysuckle plants produce berries.

The three main parts of the honeysuckle plant that are used medicinally are the flowers, flower buds & stems. The flowers are traditionally used to make syrup that has been used as an expectorant for bad coughs, asthma & as a diuretic.

Health Benefits

Honeysuckle Benefits have been known, both in the Western and Eastern medicine spheres. Though rarely used, Western herbal practitioners employed the honeysuckle to treat asthma and many forms of urinary disorders. Meanwhile, the "jin yin" or the Chinese/Japanese variety of the honeysuckle has been mentioned in the Chinese medical book "Tang Ben Cao" as being among the most potent herbs for eliminating heat and accumulated toxins from the body.

Because it is a natural antibiotic, honeysuckle can also be used to treat infections caused by staphylococcal or streptococcal bacteria.

Also can be used to;

  • clear fever, detoxify, detumescence and make eyes brighter, evacuate chill.

  • cure fever caused by internal hot or external infection.

  • clears the lungs and strengthens general health.

  • kill or inhibit the action of germs.

  • assist to treat appendicitis and ligated ulceration

  • reduce ulcers, swell, sore throat, skin infection.

Beauty Benefits

External use for irritation and infections.

Honeysuckle is useful in alleviating rashes ranging from skin diseases to poison oak. For these types of skin ailments, honeysuckle is best used as a poultice.

For cuts and abrasions that may become infected, a honeysuckle infusion may be applied externally.

Rising can clean and brighten the eyes.