SPA VERZUM - ParaPeat Mud Treatment (500 g)


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We created a new version of our world famous and miraculous GEORGIKON mud, under the telling name of ParaPeat.

The Para refers to paraffin in the word- combination. No need to panic, we have not got off the right track of making safe cosmetics! In case of this product the paraffin should be considered as tool only, having no more roll to play, than the foil has at body wrapping, or the plastic jar in case of our sugar paste, for example.

I am even proud to mention that the paraffin that I made has nothing to do with the paraffin as such, mine is enriched with apricot kernel oil, it is smooth like silk, smells like heaven and having a very low melting point, so even our paraffin is unique .

We add the sun-dried powder of our GEORGIKON Mud to the paraffin, and some essential oils and it is ready for the easy and clean application as showed on the below pasted photos.

It is sold in 500 g blocks (professional photos will be taken and supplied of course). Can be heated in the spare bucket of our TwinHeater, should be applied by brush, suitable for top to toe, including face, neck and décolleté. You can put foil on it, but also without it has a great and long lasting  ability to retain heat. And finally you just simply peel it off from the treated area, which is clean afterwards, so the client is ready to dress up and go. No mess!

Of course there are some compromise we had to take; by drying the mud we are losing some of the valuable properties of the mud, if nothing else to be mentioned, but the fantastic  thermal water! (Just for you to know: drying of 5 kg mud results 1 kg mud powder!) But we gain another unique and still valuable cabin treatment regime that opens up more avenues for the mud. It also worth mentioning the great heat retain capacity of the paraffin which compensate a bit the loss of actives from the mud, since the penetration of the remaining ones are much greater than normally.

IMPORTANT: The product may burn if subjected to excessive heat. Never heat it over direct flame! Always check the temperature before application.