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GEORGIKON Mud Powder (190 g)


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The curative, naturally strong Hévíz-spa water consisting of the waters of 7 springs, which were already popular with the Romans and was used by them for healing purposes, plus  the healing mud ripened from special meadow moor-mud is a true rarity in the world of muds and we, Hungarians can justly be proud of its uniqueness!

Georgikon is rightly regarded as the „black diamond” of muds, this organic meadow moor mud has achieved a highly valued place in both medicine and cosmetics due to both its especially high humic acid content and its outstandingly high mineral and trace element composition.

With the regular use of the healing mud our body gets building blocks, minerals, macro and micro elements which are absorbed directly on the treated area, so they are integrated into the cells in the most perfect manner.

Ingredients:  SLIT