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The peony  is a very attractive plant of many colors; white, pink red and purple. Peonies typically have deeply lobed leaves and massive, usually sweet-smelling flowers, varying from yellow to white to red when they are in bloom.

Health Benefits

Chinese medicine and herbal solutions are continuing to gain acceptance in the Western world. In Chinese medicine, the peony is known to offer several health benefits.

Quotes from Chinese historical sources:

THE HERBAL CLASSIC OF SHEN-NONG: “It is sweet and mild in flavor. It is used mainly to cure internal injuries, countering deficiencies of energy and of physical strength, subduing fevers caused by wind-evils, nourish the internal organs, benefitting physical strength, and developing the muscles.”

Peony Tea

  • is known to aid in calming the liver, helping energize it.

  • may help promote blood circulation, as well as improve blood nourishment, and also may help lower blood pressure.

  • may help alleviate menstrual disorders like heavy bleeding and pain.

  • may help alleviate abdominal and chest pains.

  • may help in the treatment of headaches, dizziness, and tinnitus.

  • may be helpful in treatment of convulsions and epilepsy.

Beauty Benefits

Peony activates the natural defense mechanisms of skin, tonifying and firming the epidermis. The extract of petals has a regenerative, softening, moisturizing, firming, anti-inflammation effect.                                               .

Bathing with peony infusion can help to calm down and soothe the nerves.